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Topdressing Soil


Our topdressing product is meant to be used specifically in flowerbeds. The topdressing will help your garden grow and look its best. When updating or topdressing your gardens, ensure that you use the best available soil so your plants and flowers grow to the standards you would hope for.
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Selecting the proper flower arrangement and overlay for your garden or is only half the battle. The composition of your soil will ultimately dictate the success or failure of your flowerbeds and the rate in which they grow. It is important to use a soil that is rich with nutrients so that your plants can thrive throughout the growing season.

Soils have different purposes than one another, and they should be applied according to the task at hand. We supply the soils that we feel will best suit your needs for any project that you may take on.

A screened blend of topsoil, mushroom comport and black peat, certified for organic growing would be optimal topdressing lawns, filling garden beds or planters.

Also known as a triple mix, garden soil, or black soil

Topdressing lawns
Creating new vegetable gardens and flower beds
Reviving and replenishing existing garden beds and flower beds
Planting trees and shrubs

A great all-purpose growing soil

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