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Grass Seed


Sod has the obvious advantage of being “instant,” but seed has some advantages you may not know about.  Grass seed covers more square footage for less, there are various types of seed available allowing you to mix varieties of grass species to create a more versatile lawn that is resistant to poor environmental conditions.

With grass seed, you become the grower. Influencing every step of your lawn’s establishment from germination to thick, lush, green turf!

If you follow the best processes in seeding it can be pretty simple labour and something you can do yourself successfully!

Nurturing you grass with regular fertilization, wise watering and proper mowing techniques will protect your investment and keep it in peak condition.  Check out

Price is based per 10, 25, 50lb bags

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  30% Kentucky Bluegrass
  30% Creeping Red Fescue
  20% Turf Type Perennial Ryegrass
  20% Annual Ryegrass

Traditional lawn mixture is great for patching up spots or establishing a new lawn. It performs well on all soil types.

Deluxe Overseed LS™

  20% Kentucky Bluegrass
  20% Creeping Red Fescue
  30% Slider LS™ Perennial Ryegrass & 30% Torsion LS™ Perennial Ryegrass

Deluxe Overseed LS™ A good solid mixture for over seeding on most soil types with endophyte enhanced Ryegrass.

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10, 25, 50


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