What is Hardscapes?

Hardscapes refers to hard landscape materials in the built environment structures that are incorporated into a landscape.

Are you looking to enhance your landscape with a touch of elegance and beauty or something modern and bold? Paths, patios, walls, and stairways allow you to create a unique property. Installed with a variety of materials, these features provide your landscape with focal points, conversation and entertainment areas, and help guide people around your outdoor living area.

Flagstone – Natural Stone

This type of stone breaks up the vegetation, and offers a unique backdrop and shape to the landscape, as well as offering unlimited building and design options.

Interlocking Brick

This is a very popular choice for landscape design. Countless shapes, patterns, and colors are available to create a specific and unique look for your outdoor retreat or entrance way.

Not only do they offer a number of aesthetic advantages, but many hardscapes are also quite practical. Walkways give you the opportunity to walk through your gardens and other landscape elements. Stairways and driveways also grant access through your landscape to your building and retaining walls help keep landscape elements in place.

Why go to several different companies to achieve the look you want? At Drake’s Landscaping, we can offer you complete services from the landscape architectural design of your project through to completion. Then we can help you maintain your landscaping investment with our full service lawn maintenance program.

Types of Hardscapes Available

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