We LOVE Snow Removal

When the first snowfall of the season is here, you won’t find a more excited crew than we have at Drake’s Landscaping. There is something calming about working in the quiet hours of the early morning, while our clients get their well-deserved sleep. Snow in the winter season can be so beautiful, but it can also be very dangerous. If your commercial property is not cleared, it may become a hazard to your customers, tenants and pedestrians. Snow removal at a single location can literally protect thousands of people. This is why our snow removal and sanding/salting service is so important to us and a great value to our clients.

Contact Drake’s Landscaping today for your snow removal quote. We can clear your property, in a timely and proficient manner, to avoid all costly consequences.

We work to accommodate all of our customer’s needs and time restraints. We are absolutely reliable to all of our customers.

snow plow clearing parking lot

Salting, Sanding or Both

Not only do we remove snow, but also salt and/or sand the parking lot or path to ensure safety. Black ice can be most ominous and potentially dangerous condition in the winter season.

Salting is a technique that quickly and effectively clears the area of ice and snow, and sanding provides better traction on the slippery surface. It is essential to salt your property and we can help. We will plow snow and salt/sand your property to make it accessible and safe for everyone.

snow plow clearing parking lot

Commercial Winter Weather Services

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