Landscaping service in Kingston & Surrounding Areas

Adding stone to your landscape will give your property an elite looking arrangement and make you the envy of the surrounding neighbourhood.

We strive to meet all your construction needs

We understand that each landscape venture is unique in its own way. It is our goal to provide you with the exact material you are seeking for your property or home improvement project At Drakes Landscape Depot we supply a wide variety of aggregates to meet all your construction needs.

Here is a list of aggregates that we carry in stock at all times throughout spring, summer, and fall:

 Pea Stone (3/4")
Pea Stone (1/2")
River Stone (1" - 1.5")
River Stone (2" - 5")
5/8" Gravel
3/4" Clean
Stone Dust
Play / Brick Sand

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We urge all of our clients to ensure that the application of the aggregate is done correctly in order to keep your landscape looking its best at all times.





  Provides a high end aesthetic appeal that is hard to match using other landscape designs and strategies
  Long lasting, permanent displays that will not fade or erode during the life span of the garden or plant arrangement
  Unlike an organic mulch, aggregate will not decompose leading to less seasonal upkeep and prevent yearly material additions
  Very little weeding and garden maintenance if a filter cloth is installed beneath the soil


  Increased heat transfer to the soil may lead to plants needing to be watered more frequently when compared to an organic mulch
  Application must be done correctly, with filter cloth beneath the soil to prevent weed growth and a solid foundation to ensure that the stone does not sink into the ground
  This process is not typically easy to reverse, and in most cases will require that a replacement project start from the ground up, removing all previously laid stone and bringing in fresh soil

We advise all of out clients who are looking to upgrade their garden or landscape with aggregate to do the research before starting, or enlist the help of a reputable landscape company with the knowledge and experience to provide you with the type of quality you deserve.

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