Landscaping service in Kingston & Surrounding Areas

Seeking year round maintenance for your commercial property needs? We provide a wide assortment of services to keep your property looking its best through the spring, summer and fall while keeping your walkways and access roads clear and safe for the winter.

Top Quality Property Maintenance

We pride ourselves on providing top quality property maintenance services to commercial clients throughout Kingston and the surrounding area. From spring to fall we have teams dedicated to maintaining your lawns, gardens, trees and shrubs giving your establishment a crisp and clean look throughout the year.

Access & Safety is our #1 Priority

We understand that the Winter months are challenging for a number of reasons, and we put a premium on the safety and well being of your residents, customers or any other persons entering your establishment. We ensure that all access roads and parking lots are cleared for vehicular traffic and the sidewalks are shoveled with ample amounts of salt to prevent slips and falls. Access and safety is our #1 priority throughout the year, and we encourage you to select a contractor like Drakes Landscaping to care for your property and people throughout the winter.

 property maintenance cleanup services


List of Services We Can Offer Throughout the Year

  Spring and Fall cleanups
  Grass cutting and clipping removal
  Pruning trees and hedge trimming
  Garden maintenance and weeding
  Mulching flower beds
  Parking lot sweeps
  Snow removal
  Sidewalk shoveling and salting
  Salt and sanding parking lots