9 Facts About Sod Care

The main fact about sod care is that newly installed turf requires a lot more water than a regular, established lawn normally would. This is because the roots in the new sod need much more, consistent moisture. You need to provide your sod with enough water to thoroughly soak the first few inches of soil for the first week to week and a half of laying the sod.

This should be accomplished with about five to ten minutes of watering two to three times a day, depending on the weather. After about three weeks, you can begin watering every other day and after about a month you can begin watering as you would an established lawn, as the roots of your new sod should be established. Always make sure to water your new sod in the morning or early evening to allow maximum moisture absorption!

9 Tips for SOD Care

  1. Do not water in the evenings as sod is more vulnerable to disease. Being wet for long periods of time can encourage this. Early morning, early afternoon and late afternoon/early evenings are the best times.
  2. If it is hotter or the area has high drainage (like on a hill) you will have to water more.
  3. Focus on edges and corners as they are more susceptible to drying out.
  4. If sod comes out of place due to foot traffic of yourself or animals – move it back into place and give it sufficient water.
  5. If you start to see gaps between the rolls of sod this means the water is not penetrating down enough.
  6. It can be tricky, and overwatering can cause damage to the turf. It is best to give your sod a good soak rather than leaving a light sprinkler on.
  7. PLEASE STAY OFF YOUR SOD – Foot traffic can cause the sod to move as it hasn’t bonded to the soil yet in the first few days to week, proper watering will help encourage the sod to root. Try to avoid stepping on your newly lain sod for the first period after you’ve installed it, about a week to a week and a half. Even after about a month, you’ll want to keep foot traffic light as the roots of your new sod will be newly established and can be affected by disturbances, such as too much weight being placed on them.
  8. First mow should take place approximately 14 days after the sod installation.
  9. If you notice areas that are patchy, you may want to topdress, fertilize and seed. Be sure to only add 1/8” – 1/4” per topdressing application or you may block out to much of the sun and smoother your grass.